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ochCall2ActionYour online channels are important for you and your business. You spent a lot of time and effort to write high quality blogs for your visitors. You spent a lot of time on social media to draw attention to these blogs. You polish your content and website to be SEO optimized. But what is it you want these visitors to do on your website other then read your blog and leave? What is your call to action and how do you show that to your visitor in a non-intrusive way?

Time to convert your visitors into customers!

This Joomla! content plug-in enables you to create Call2Actions and show them anywhere in your blog / article.

You get full control on where you want to place the Call2Action content: simply by entering the tag

This ad is inserted via ochCall2Action and displayed via ochAddAds
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anywhere in your blog / article or automatic on the top or bottom positions (or both) of the selected articles (Joomla!, Easyblog, K2).

For example here:

This ad is inserted via ochCall2Action and displayed via ochAddAds
Looks like Google ran out of ads to serve... or do you have an ad blocker activated?

Or you can place them automagically in the top / bottom (or both) positions on your articles (configurable per category). And that's not all! you can even choose to have the Call2Action content automagically appear on your featured or category (blog) view.
This will even work on Easyblog (entry, categories, latest, bloggers, tags pages) and K2 (item, itemlist and latest pages).

"This is Joomla's most advanced content, module and Google ad auto (or manual) inserter, replacer, and modifier! Display any content, article, module, plugin or Google Ads anywhere on your Joomla site. Works in conjunction with most Joomla modules or plugins."Daclina

O no, another component to learn and maintain?

No, that is the fun part. Your Call2Action content are regular Joomla! articles that you put in a separate category. In the plugin's configuration you configure this category (or multiple) as the source ét voilà... Every published article in that category will be randomly (if more then one) displayed as Call2Action content.

Your content is NOT limited to text only, but can also have any type of module displayed: it has been  tested and it is working with Google Adsense Ads and Google Doubleclick For Publishers Ads.

You can even set the Start Publishing and Finish Publishing dates on those articles to automatically start / stop using them as Call2Action content... It can't be easier!

It is even possible to include / exclude Joomla! / Easyblog / K2 categories (and even single articles) from showing the Call2Action content.

And if that is not enough, it is possible to toggle showing the Call2Action content on specific article author's.

{blockquote quote=" is the leading leadership community and blogging site in the Netherlands. We differentiate between bloggers (free) and pro-bloggers (paid subscription). Pro-bloggers their blogs need to be exempt from Call2Action content and this plugin enables us to do just that! - automatically" caption="Platform Lerende Leiders"}


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  • Joomla 3.8+ or Joomla 4.0+
  • Basic Joomla! knowledge available between the chair and the keyboard :)

Installation is easy!

  1. Download the plugin
  2. in the Back-end go to menu Extensions > Manage
  3. in the tab [Upload file package] click [browse]  and select your downloaded plugin
  4. click [Upload & Install], wait for the installation to finish


  1. Call2Action content preparation:
    • In the back-end create a content category that you will use for you Call2Action content articles
    • Create (and publish) Joomla! articles and assign them to the category created in previous step
  2. Plugin configuration:
    • in the back-end go to menu Extensions > Plugins
    • search / locate the 'ochCall2Action' content plugin
    • open the plugin
    • in the tab [Plugin] set status to [Enabled]
    • in the tab [Call2action content] configure your Call2action category (the category created in step 1.) > look at the tool-tips for information about what each setting does
    • in the tab [Auto Call2action] configure the automatic insertion of the Call2action content on selected categories (top, bottom, both position) or views
    • click [Save & Close] and you are good to go

Advanced Replacements

ochCall2Actions comes out-of-the-box with fixed insertion positions. But in some cases these predefined positions are not enough and you want to target a specific position on your page.

For this you can use Advanced Replacements.

A Advanced Replacement is a search string (regex) that will  point to the position that you want to insert the ochCall2Action articles in: you can then replace the search with the article or inject the article before or after the search result.

As an example: you want to add an ochCall2Action article after ever 3rd <p> element in your article. You can then configure the Advanced Replament as follows:

  • Match regex: /<p>.+?<\/p>/i
  • Action: Add after
  • Occurance: 3

So what will happen here? ochCall2Action will use the regex "/<p>.+?<\/p>/i" on your article text. This regex will look for a string that starts with <p> then has any text (.+?) and ends with </p> case insensitive. It will find one or more and after the 3rd occasion it will add the ochCall2Action article.

This is very powerful feature as it opens up ANY position and because you can have multiple replacements you are not limited to only one position.

So you can add an ochCall2Action article after every image, before the 2nd h2 element, you can even replace every occurrence of any word in your text: the sky is the limit.

Please note that creating and using regex syntax is an advanced topic and this is not a learning guide on how to create a good regex. There are a lot of good resources on the internet explaining regex and how to use them.

Activate Joomla! One Click update integration

Updating of the plugin is integrated with the Joomla! One Click Update manager. In order to activate follow the steps below:

  1. On this site: In the menu [Tools > My Subscriptions] copy your 'Download ID#'
  2. On your site: In the plugin configuration click the [Advanced] tab and paste the 'Download ID#' in the [Download ID]  field
  3. Click [Save] or [Save & Close], You will be prompted with an informational message that your Download ID was changed.

Manually add Call2Action content in your blog / article

You can place the Call2Action content automatically on the top or bottom (or both) positions of the selected article categories, but the real power lies in the manual placement of the Call2Action content:

  1. open the blog / article (or even HTML module!) that you want to place the Call2Action content in
  2. insert

    This ad is inserted via ochCall2Action and displayed via ochAddAds
    Looks like Google ran out of ads to serve... or do you have an ad blocker activated?

    into the location where you want to automagically display the Call2Action content
  3. click [Save & Close]
  4. when surfing to your article / blog on the front-end, the Call2Action content should automagically show up: Cool :)

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Agency Bundle - 12 months
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ochCall2Action - 12 months
ochCall2Action - 12 months
Setting seamless and converting call to actions on your content.
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