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No bug Pinterest Image Share Issue

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2 months 3 weeks ago - 2 months 3 weeks ago #877 by linkage
Pinterest Image Share Issue was created by linkage
Hi Ruud,

All sharing seems to be working correctly except for a strange issue with Pinterest. On this page , og tags show correct image (from custom twitter and og) and that image is appearing when shared via facebook and twitter. On Pinterest however, the image is missing in the share dialog.

If I follow through and post, it doesn't appear in the post either (just a placeholder)

The fact that the Pinterest button is appearing should be confirmation that the image is recognized.

So, the problem may be a conflict with Ignite Gallery (surprise!). If I share via the pinterest button in the gallery:

...everything including image works however the image it grabs is the image displayed in the gallery (not the custom for the page):

In a way it's a good thing I suppose, and I could just disable the JsSocials Pinterest button, but I thought I would get your advice.

Thank you,


EDIT: I just updated another article and here , it is working!
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2 months 3 weeks ago #879 by ruud
Replied by ruud on topic Pinterest Image Share Issue
Hi John,

there is a difference between ochJSsocials and ochOpengraph: ochJSsocials gives the ability to share, ochOpenGraph tells the Socials media platforms what needs to be shared.

So basically ochJSsocials only shares the page URL and then the Social Media platform visits that page and (if they support it), fetch the information created by ochOpengraph.

Now Pinterest is working different asthey not only need the URL, but also the URL to the image you are sharing. Pinterest doesn't visit your site to fetch information, it just downloads the image you provided when sharing and stores that on their own site for use by others (for pinning).

so ochJSsocials will look at what image is available, if there is one: pinterset button will show.

on the first page you showed me, the following information is used for the pinterest button:
{ share: "pinterest", label: "Pin it", logo: "och-icon-pinterest", media: "https://www.2018-testing.linkagephoto.com/images/spacer-1000w.png", url: "https://www.2018-testing.linkagephoto.com/autumn-scenes-panoramas"}

The logic that ochJSsocials has for selecting the pinterest image is:
1. article intro image
2. first image in text

so i guess you do not have set an intro image so it looks in the article text and finds: spacer-1000w.png

So for you, setting the article intro image is what you should do, but....

When visiting a page and seeing an image, I want to pin THAT image. How odd will it be when I pin an image and it turns out to be a different image....

Something to think about :)

btw, for the websites I maintain, I see very little use in Pinterest. What you want is that somebody sees something on Social media and when clicked they redirect to your site. The Social media platform should generate visitors! Pinterest downloads your image and by doing that sits in the middle between the visitor and your website. The content is moved AWAY from your site. Repinning by somebody else is not taking that person to your website: so the conversion you want is not for you (on your website), the conversion is for Pinterest: they have a happy visitor/user for their boards.
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2 months 3 weeks ago #882 by linkage
Replied by linkage on topic Pinterest Image Share Issue
Thank you Ruud,

Perfect! I added the intro image and it works fine.

I agree that the ROI (time and energy) with Pinterest is minimal. Personally, I never use it. My wife does however, and the thinking is that she would manage the sharing and upkeep of that platform. It may be better to skip the JsSocials Pinterest button altogether though, and just leave the igallery option.

Thanks again, please mark as solved :)

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