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You may have noticed it, on the forum pages that have more then one page, the pagination links have 'gone'. Instead these pages now 'Infinite Scroll' via a new plugin I am working on. It will automaticalliy load new topics / posts when scrolling down... How cool is that :)
You can test it on this thread: onlinecommunityhub.nl/forum/jssocials

Need info Twitter Card not functioning on some pages

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1 month 2 weeks ago #977 by Mediaversal
Twitter Card not functioning on some pages was created by Mediaversal
This site www.hiresedition.com uses ochOpenGraph v 0.40. It works very well, Facebook seems fine. However, the Twitter Card won't display for the homepage, nor the Contact Us page.

Home - www.hiresedition.com/
Contact Page - www.hiresedition.com/about-us/contact.html
Newsletter - www.hiresedition.com/newsletter.html

I would have expected all of these to use the fall back images, and site meta description along with the current page name.

This below link - a search component, uses a small image (first from results) in Facebook, and nothing in Twitter. However, my minimum image size is 425 x 700.

Hoping you can shed some light on this and solve these issues.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #979 by ruud

please note that ochOpenGraph automatically works on content pages that 'trigger' content plugins: like a article (=com_content).

This means that for other pages (pages that are not com_content / built in into ochOpenGraph), you need to create a custom module with the { ochopengraph} tag in it. This module then needs to be displayed on these pages (assign to menu). Important: in the custom module 'prepare content' must be turned on (that triggers the content plugins = ochOpenGraph).

More detailed instructions can be found here: onlinecommunityhub.nl/joomla-extensions/...raph#manual-settings

Please also note that once shared with twitter / facebook, the results are chached on their side. So chaning it on your Joomla site will not directly update their cache: Twitter holds the cache for appr. 7 days, Facebook has a tool with which you can update the cache manually > developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/

ps: will look into your reply on the other topic tomorrow :)

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