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Solved Feature Request: WebP for background images on non-image elements

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3 weeks 6 days ago - 3 weeks 6 days ago #1272 by Ruud van Lent

ochResponsiveImages handles all IMG elements on your site that meet the configured settings. It replaces them with IMG srcset to have a set of different sized images that the browser can pick the best suitable from.

In version 1.7.0 I introduced a new feature: WebP support (Googles highly performant and #SEO effective image format). When your server and the visitors browser supports it, the images in the IMG srcset will be converted into this WebP format.

That lead to the question: can we convert more images? Specifically the images used on non IMG elements that display an image via inline css style > background-image
This is often used in sliders as using the css style background-image to show an mage has more styling possibilities then when displaying the image as an IMG element.

I have been working on a version that has the possibility to locate and convert images set via the css style background-image on an element. When found that background image will then be replaced (when supported on the browser) with the WebP variant.

I have it implemented on this site (see the full screen slider on the home page) and am looking for customers who are willing to test this in a test environment,

Leave a note as response on this topic (do not email me) and I will mail you the test version with instructions on how to use.

Thanks in advance!
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3 weeks 6 days ago #1273 by Graeme Armitage
Ruud happy to help

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