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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an important factor in increasing the popularity of your website. There are many manual ways to tweak and tune your site's SEO and SMO parameters. This package consists of the ochSEO | SMO Toolbox component and the Basictools plugin.

The component functions as a 'single home' for the configuration of all och plugins (ochJssocials, ochFitvids, ochCall2Action, ...)

This Basictools (system) plugin helps you (semi) automate the tweaking and tuning of the most important SEO parameters!
With 'one click of the button' you can test and implement new values / settings throughout your websites pages. After you analyze what the impact is on your website Search Engines ranking, you can keep the values or change them to your new insights... Or you can just 'Set and Forget' it :)

"LerendeLeiders.nl is the leading leadership community and blogging site in the Netherlands. The majority of our visitors visit us via shared pages on Social Media. After installing this component and tweaking our site with the Basictools plugin, our visitor count from Google's SERP (Search Engine Result Page) increased by 30%! - very impressed!"Platform Lerende Leiders

Downloading requires the purchase of the ochSEO | SMO Toolbox subscription.
The ochSEO | SMO toolbox subscription INCLUDES access to ochSEO|SMO toolbox component, Basic Tools plugin, ochJSsocials, ochOpenGraph, ochCall2Action, ochCronJobs and ochFitvids!

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Current Toolbox component functionality:

  • Control panel with all och plugins in one central position
  • Plugins overview with full edit functionality of the och plugins: no more searching for the plugin in Joomla's own plugin component
  • Ability to trigger specific och plugins via CronJobs

Current Basictools plugin functionality:

  • Mass change all of your images 'Alt text' to reflect filename / page title / keywords
  • Mass add / remove meta Keywords from global / menu / article keywords
  • Change the Page title as seen by visitors of Google: add a suffix before or after, automatically limit the length, set a front page specific page title
  • Replace the default Joomla! generator text with your own
  • Fully functional system plugin > no dependency on ochSEO | SMO Toolbox component!

Separate plugins can be downloaded as part of the subscription:

Coming soon (under development):

  • ...


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  • Latest Joomla! and PHP versions: We're always developing our components in the latest Joomla! and PHP environments!
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