ochStrictRouter - 12 months

Get rid of BOGUS links in the Search Engine Result Pages before the Search Engines get rid of your site!!!

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The Joomla Router which is responsible for parsing an URL to the correct extension / item / page is a 'loose' router. This means that it will try to resolve an URL on the article / category ID only. This makes your site, your reputation and your business vulnerable for Search Engine abuse: hackers can stuff the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) with bogus links to your site, damaging your (online) reputation. Although recognized, the Joomla developers will not 'fix' this as it is considered 'expected' behavior.

Get rid of BOGUS links in the Search Engine Result Pages before the Search Engines get rid of your site!!!

For use with J3 with Legacy Router enabled or J3 / J4 with Modern Router WITH article ID enabled

ochStrictRouter is a plugin that will do a strict comparison on the parsed URL to your site, it will do a strict match on both ID and Article Alias. If there is no match, the visitor (or the Search Engine bot following that bogus link) will be redirected. Redirection is configurable:

  • Report in Log only, no redirect / block . This is the default: first use this setting and analyze log file to make sure that entries are indeed bogus links
  • 404 Not Found > The visitor is prompted with a 404 page, Search Engines will NOT index that page and after several retries (days / weeks?) will remove the link from their index
  • 410 Gone (Force Delete) > The visitor is prompted with a 410 page. When the page is already indexed, Search Engine are instructed with the 410 code to remove that URL from their index
  • 301 Redirect (Moved Permanently) > The visitor will be redirected to the menu that you configured (e.g. the home page or your search page). Search Engines will replace the visited link with the new link that they are redirected to.

All mismatching URLs will be logged in the plugins log file where possible with the referrer!


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  • Joomla 3.8+ or Joomla 4.0+
  • Basic Joomla! knowledge available between the chair and the keyboard :)
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