ochStopDMR - 12 months - Ten sites

Max 10 sites: Get access to and support for ochStopDMR

€ 75,00

Did you even feel disappointed, or even wronged, when people register on your website with a Disposable or temporary E-mail account? When they download your free ‘goodies’ that you worked so hard on and ‘thank’ you with a bouncing email address, leaving you with no possibility to contact them, for support, news, etc.

Did you ever feel bothered by the fact that people using disposable or temporary email accounts are most likely to spam or offend other members of your website, just because they have that ‘invincible’ feeling of being ‘anonymous’ and ‘untraceable’. Do malicious activity, spam bots, and internet trolls come to mind?

Or do you just want to make a statement: “if you don’t trust me with your real E-mail account, why trust me and my services at all...”

Subscribe now to get access to the best stop Disposable e-mail registration solution!

Subscribe to be able to:

  • Use this subscription on max 10 sites!
  • Check unlimited e-mail domains against our maintained database (18K+ black listed domains) via plugin build-in API calls
  • Download ochStopDRM plugin
  • Get notified of and download future ochStopDMR updates
  • Automatically keep ochStopDMR up to date > Get a Download ID to use in the Joomla! One click Updater
  • Request support on our forum
  • Propose / discuss new functionality

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