live your lifeFriend: “Can you earn a living with Joomla extension development?”

Me: “No.”

Friend: “No? But why do you keep doing it?”

A start of a discussion I regularly have.

For me these discussions are always a reality check: ‘I can only spent my time once so am I still spending it on what I believe matters most?

Me: “I am a strong believer of community thinking. I strongly believe that we are approaching the point in which people and companies cannot control the required amount of change any more that is needed to ‘survive’. Signs of this are patents, lawsuits, copying products from competitors (or buying them altogether), big marketing budgets.

It is easier then ever for us to aim more and more at short-term ‘what’s in it for me’ actions as the Internet enables us to be anonymous. Companies are thinking in terms of loss (turnover, position, bonus, status, power) instead of about possibilities to make the world a better place. They hire more managers to efficiently manage the status quo. They should break that downward spiral by enabling leadership so they are able to also follow others and contribute instead of conquer and take.

Managers look at the bottom line, Leaders look at the horizon

I am a strong believer of Open Source as this is a perfect example of what community thinking can achieve and bring forth. Where there is room for taking but more and more people are also giving back. Where both are okay.

That is why I love Joomla!

For me this is where my love for community thinking and Open Source comes perfectly together. With ups and downs. People contributing and working together: not because they have to for a manager, but because they want to for themselves and for the people close to them!
And it works!”

Friend: “Very noble, but you need to earn money in order to make a living, right?”

Me: “True, where others are looking at earning more and more, the community thinking and Open Source Eco-system can only exist and survive if we learn that we need to strive for enough: enough for everybody. As individuals we cannot survive without the other, so we need to look after each-other!”

Friend: “So are you making enough money to do what matters most to you?”

Me: “No, I find myself in a constant ‘split’ between doing what matters most and doing what needs to be done to make a living. That’s the biggest challenge.
What keeps me going is trust. Trust in ‘what comes around, goes around’. That is why I invest in, educate and help others in their challenges.”

Friend: “Wow, how can I help you?”

Me: “Download and make use of my extensions. Share your experiences and opportunities. Spread the word (as registered user you can even join my new ‘affiliate program’) for what ever reason you seem fit. But please: do not do it because you can or must, but because you want to! Together we make the world a better place.
This will enable me to do what I do best, to focus on what matters most for me:"

How can I help you?

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With a solid background in ICT (operational, tactical and strategic) and years of experience in the community life, I see in communities and community thinking the future for companies.

This future requires another way of thinking and doing; both for executives and employees. It's not about me; it's about you. Your well-being and your (personal) growth.

'What comes around - goes around'

In the world of communities, the old 'management laws' no longer work and are even counterproductive.

I coach leaders and organizations in their quest for how new and servant leadership can contribute to communities and community thinking, and as a result to the growth of the organization.

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