acymailingdownloadmanagerPeople sometimes ask me: "Which download manager are you using for your free components?"
Well actually I am not using one...

I have looked around, installed several but as it turned out I already had the 'perfect' download manager installed: Acymailing...

Use Case

As an open source developer I sometimes create extensions that I make available for free. As a Community Manager I am looking for interaction with the people who download and use my plug-ins, as an integrator I like to reuse what is already present.

So what I want is a way to make my plug-ins available to people who provide me with their name and email address, using existing components and seamlessly integrated in my site´s setup.

How do I do that for e.g. my free jsSocials plug-in using Acymailing?

In my example I use a plugin, but this can also be a whitepaper or some other digital stuff you want to exchange for an name and email-address.

How to

  1. Upload the plugin somewhere on your server
  2. Create two lists for your specific download:
    1. Welcome – jsSocials
    2. Extension – jsSocials
  3. Create a welcome message in the list [Welcome – jsSocial] (important!) with a link to the plug-in on your server
  4. Create a acymailing module in which you set the subscription level to above two lists (other lists is also possible), rename the subscribe button to ´Download´
  5. Create a Joomla article for your plug-in and load the created Acymailing module somewhere in the text where you want the module to appear.

Now when a user visits your extension's download page and he wants to download the plug-in, all he has got to do is fill in his name and email, fill in the captcha and press 'Download'.

After verifying and authorizing, Acymailing will sent this user the welcome email containing the download url!

The downloader is now member of two lists: Why two you may ask?

  1. Well the [Welcome - jsSocials] list enables me to sent a one time follow up mail. After sending this mail I will remove all downloaders from that list so they will receive that message only once.
  2. Because you remove the downloader from the [Welcome - jsSocials] list, he can submit the download form again and because he is no member anymore of the [Welcome - jsSocials] list he will receive the welcome email again with the download url!

The [Extension – jsSocials] list holds all your downloaders and can then be used as a sort of newsletter list specific for that extension: I use it for announcing updates to the extension.

So there you have it.

No more additional components, just using what is already there!

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