Infinite Scroll... (05 Mar 2019)

You may have noticed it, on the forum pages that have more then one page, the pagination links have 'gone'. Instead these pages now 'Infinite Scroll' via a new plugin I am working on. It will automaticalliy load new topics / posts when scrolling down... How cool is that :)
You can test it on this thread: onlinecommunityhub.nl/forum/jssocials

Implemented (re) Enabling Facebook Share Counter (GDPR Compliant)

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2 months 5 days ago - 2 months 5 days ago #955 by ruud
Facebook share counters now require the visitor who fetches the counter to provide a valid User Access Token.
The new ochJSsocials [full] version will handle this automatically for you / your visitors. All you need is an (approved) Facebook App > developers.facebook.com/apps/
In order to enable the Facebook share counts you need to in tab 'ochJSsocials buttons':
1. Enable 'Show share count'
2. Below 'Display [F]acebook button' configure your 'Facebook App ID' and 'Facebook App Secret'
3. optional: configure in the ' advanced' tab setting 'Share Count Caching'
Note that Share Counts are cached so you need to clear your cache to be able to see them!
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