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Need info What do I need to put where to make the plugin work correctly?

1 week 10 hours ago #2464 by Ingo Spörl
Hey guys!

I have installed the plugin today, but I really do not know what to put where in the configuration file to make it work correctly.
I only want to have the INTRO images being displayed in the preview - currently the preview shows some kind of random image from the category blog - not the intro image of each article. 

Like here: 
It should show this image:
But it displays that one:

So I only need an information, what I should put into the configuration area to make this work - and do I have to include any code/textinfo into the article itself? If so - where? 

Thank you very much for the infos in advance!


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1 week 10 hours ago #2466 by Ruud van Lent
Good morning Ingo,
thanks for your subscription and for reaching out.
I checked your website and you configured it correct.

The wrong image is being displayed because the page you are sharing is 'telling' facebook to use a different URL for getting the information from. This is likely due to your site not being setup correctly > you can see that your url has parameters like view=, id= and catid=... this is not good. This means that you need to create a menu structure for SEF (Search Engine Friendly) urls

I can see that the following metadata is added to the page responsible for this:
<meta property="og:url" content="">

This is the URL without the parameters (the part after the '?')

So that is the page facebook will use to get the information from, and as there is no opengraph information on that page, it first tries the first image (logo), but that is to small so it takes the next which is the one you are seeing.

So you need to firs get your menu structure in order and then we can see if that fixes the issue.

Let me know of your progress on this.


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1 week 9 hours ago #2467 by Ingo Spörl
Hey Ruud!
Thank you for the ultra fast reply.
Therese is one big problem here - as the page is used as kind of a newsblod, it simply is not possible to create individual menu items for each blog entry - that would extend the amount of time to set up everything way too much.

So there is no possibility to get the image displayed correctly without having a menu item for each article?

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1 week 9 hours ago #2468 by Ruud van Lent

in Joomla there is no need to setup a menu item for each article,
what you need to do is create a menu item for each category.

That menu item can be 'hidden' as it will only be used to create the correct URL for all the articles in that category.

The menu type should be of type article > Category List (but it can also be category blog). So if you name this for example 'news', the the url to all articles in this category will be [domainname]/news/article-alias

You can setup one menu item (which will then function as a container), or multiple: one per category.

This is really a *must*  as the URL is used by google for ranking! So when the url has the word 'news' in it then Google is better able to rank this page then when it has ?catid=7 (which is in the eyes of google bad practise :))

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6 days 1 hour ago - 6 days 1 hour ago #2475 by Ruud van Lent
just did a follow up on the url you provided. I think you have corrected it (the SEF url for the article), correct?
if so: any other questions or can i close this topic for now?

Last edit: 6 days 1 hour ago by Ruud van Lent.

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