I'm thrilled to see overleven.nu (one of my blog / community sites) featured in the August Joomla magazine article celebrating Joomla's 17th birthday and featuring 17 Joomla 4 website builds.

Near perfect page speed score

This particular website (https://overleven.nu) achieves a 99 / 100 Google lighthouse page speed score: a very important ranking factor for SEO.

This is something I'm particularly proud of as normally (and on other CMS platforms) this require a lot of manual tweaking and tuning to even get near that score. I achieved this high score automatically (!) with the help of Joomla4, template ochFoundation5, plugin ochResponsiveImages and of course, keeping the number of used extensions / plugins to a minimum.

Joomla 4 template and extensions

This website uses the following extensions of my own making:

  • Template: ochFoundation5 > a bootstrap5.2 (beta) template that I am currently working on
  • Module: ochFoundation5 > a module based on the ochFoundation5 template that allows to create a carousel hero slider (as shown on the front page), a contact page, a parallax image (used in the blogs)
  • Plugin: ochFoundation5 > a plugin that will help site creators and designers to easily add bootstrap5 sliders, tabs, accordions, block quotes, popovers and embeds pdf's (also working on mobile devices) and articles by simply adding tags in the content.
  • Plugin: ochResponsiveImages > automatically creating img sourcesets on all pages and converting images to webp format
  • Plugin: ochJSsocials > for having fast and privacy protected social media sharing buttons
  • Plugin: ochOpenGraph > adding the required meta tags used by Social Media platforms to show your content in the best way possible
  • Component: ochBlog > for adding blog functionality to core Joomla articles
  • Component: ochSubscriptions > adding subscription functionality and allowing people to become bloggers on the platform
  • Plugin: ochFitvids > embedding (video) iFrames in a responsive way, with privacy options like click to load etc.
  • Plugin: ochCall2Action > for easily and automatically adding (campaigned) call2actions in your content
  • Plugin: ochSimpleFirewall > a passive and active Firewall solution for keeping bots, spammers and malware out, integrated with fail2ban service on the VPS
  • Plugin: ochStopDRM > a plugin that will check the email addresses of users who are registering or subscribing to the newsletter to ensure it is not a temporary email address / spammer

It uses the following extensions from 3rd party developers:

  • Component: Kunena 6 forum with a custom ochFoundation5 kunena template
  • Plugin: KunenaDiscuss > for adding comment functionality to the blogs that are integrated with the forum
  • Component: AcyMailing > for adding newsletter functionality
  • Component: Akeeba backup > for making daily backups of the site
  • Component: EngageBox > for creating awesome popups
  • Component: OSmap > for creating a sitemap

Please note that the ochFoundation5 template, module and plugin is currently in active development and pending a decision I have to make to release it (commercially?) or not.

Joomla 4 delivers

Joomla 4 came a long way but delivers on software architecture and code quality. This results in highly customizable and performing websites. If this will be enough to regain traction in the market is yet to be seen: all ingredients for success are there!

What website are you proud of, share in the comments!

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