Visitors of your website consume displayed ads as a part of the content. But although the algorithm Google uses to display relevant ads for a visitor on your site, sometimes the Ad is just not relevant enough to be clicked / generate revenue for you.

So on blogs and websites which have a high engagement rate and time on site, it makes sense to refresh the ads on the page automatically. Refreshing an ad also draws attention to these ads for a visitor on your website because something on screen changed. Attention that potentially increases clicks on the ads.

Challenge: How to generate more revenue by refreshing ads

So you want to generate more revenue via your blog or website and want to serve your visitors more relevant ads without cluttering your blog or website with more ad positions. But how can you do that as auto refreshing ads in an ad position on your website is not facilitated by ad providers like Google Ad manager without additional tooling? How can you refresh ads without reloading the page?

Solution: New Ad Code parameter > data-ad-unitrefresh

That is where ochAddAds comes into play. ochAddAds has the possibility to configure Ad Manager ad code with a data-ad-unitrefresh parameter. This parameter will tell the ochAddAds script to refresh the injected with this parameter ads on the interval specified in the parameter. It's that simple. If your ad provider supports refreshing ads, ochAddAds can handle refreshing these ads in a siple way without the need for additional logic or scripts on your site.

Please note that refreshing ads is subject to policies: Google AdSense for example doesn't allow refreshing ads on a website. other Ad providers have specific refresh policies (like the maximum refresh rate etc.)

Result: More revenue from Ads on your site

So you have checked with your ad provider that it is allowed to refresh ads on your website. if required you have made changes on the ad provider side to support refreshing ads. And last you have added the parameter data-ad-unitrefresh to your ad code in ochAddAds.

Now wait and see what this does for your revenue: monitoring is as always recommended as overdoing it (e.g. to high refresh rates, to many ads refreshing, etc.) may lead to negative effects.

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